Switch Over – Disaster recovery MS Exchange 2010 in Branch office

In this scenario I will show you how  easy is switch over MS Exchange from Primary office to Branch office if you lost   Primary office.

In this MS Exchange I have enable Datacenter Activate Coordination mode, but during these steps it will be not important.

command –

Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Identity DAG1 -DatacenterActivationMode DagOnly

Now we have

2 x nodes

2 locality

2 x witness

Disaster – Primary office locality lost power




logon to srv Node2 and run Powershell as Administrator.

Check if Cluster is running. If not run –


Net start clussvc /forcequorum


Stop-databaseavaibilitygroup –identity DAG1 –mailboxserver Node1 


Restore-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Identity DAG1 -AlternateWitnessServer nameofCAS -AlternateWitnessDirectory D:\path


If you get power back to Primary office and turn on the servers and you will want to add server Node1 back to DAG1, run this command.


Add-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer -Identity DAG01 -MailboxServer Node1


Show status of DAG (………primaryActiveManager)

GetDatabaseAvailabilityGroup -status | fl




Upgrade Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition to Server Enterprise Edition

For upgrade edition of Windows Server 2008 R2 you have to  accomplish this prerequisites:

Server is can bee upgrade from Standard to Enterprise or Datacenter , not ! Enterprise to Standard

Server can not be DC


dism /online /Set-Edition:ServerEnterprise /ProductKey:489J6-VHDMP-X63PK-3K798-CPX3Y


The key is default free KMS licence key, after this you have to activate your server again and use right enterprise key !

Server require RESTARt after run this command

I did it on the server which has hosted MS Exchange 2010 SP1 !!! and without troubles !